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  • Recruiting a Flight Director for IW Aviation’s UK Operations | Oaklands Global

    4th June 2024

    IW Aviation are independent advisors to individuals and businesses in all aspects of private aviation: charter, jet cards, block hours, fractional or jet purchases. Established in...

  • Delivering a Multi-hire Recruitment Campaign for JETEX’s UK Expansion | Oaklands Global

    24th May 2024

    Founded in 2005 JETEX is a private aviation and flight support company. Headquartered in Dubai, the business has experienced exponential growth and now operates in over 50...London Biggin Hill Airport

  • The Future of Aviation Jobs: Our Trends and Predictions

    30th April 2024

    In this article, we share our trends and predictions for the future of aviation jobs to help employers and candidates get a better idea of what the job market holds.

  • The Six Best Soft Skills in the Aviation Industry

    15th February 2024

    In this article, we highlight some of the best soft skills in aviation, explain why they’re important, how they can be developed and how you can assess them in recruitment.

  • Developing Future Managers: How to Prepare the Next Generation

    15th February 2024

    In this article, we discuss how to identify future managers, the best techniques for developing the leaders of the future, and share advice for training and retaining managers in...

  • 7 Ways to Create a Positive Work Culture

    17th January 2024

    In this article, we share some of the key benefits of creating a positive work culture and explain the best way to do this for your aviation or aerospace business.

  • What Makes an Effective Management Team?

    10th January 2024

    In this article, we discuss some of the key features of effective leadership teams, the benefits, and how you can build the best management team.

  • How is your business recruiting skilled talent in a candidate short market??

    5th December 2023

    Are you advertising and waiting for talent to knock? 🚪

    Perhaps allocating resource to engage with 'semi-active' talent using LinkedIn and other forms of social media? 🖥 ...

  • Bridging the Gap: Combating Middle Management Burnout Aviation Amidst the Skills Shortage

    27th November 2023

    In the dynamic and highly specialized field of aviation, middle management plays a pivotal role in ensuring safe and efficient operations. However, the industry is grappling with...

  • Attracting quality applicants to your business

    14th July 2023

    Before we get ahead of ourselves, and you read this blog thinking what the heck is this guy talking about. Let me ask you a quick question. Has your business seen an increase or...

  • Is aviation finding it's mojo again?

    3rd April 2023

    Three years on from the start of the first UK lockdown and the end of the first quarter of 2023 seemed like a good time to reflect on the current state of the aviation industry...

  • How to get an Internal Promotion

    30th March 2023

    Getting an internal promotion often requires a combination of relentless hard work, commitment, and a careful strategic approach. Here are some strides you can take to increase...

  • How to Negotiate a Higher Salary

    17th March 2023

    It’s no surprise that negotiating a higher salary can be a daunting task for many people, but it is an important skill to master. Hiring appears to have exceeded pre-pandemic...

  • Aviation & Aerospace - Attracting New Talent

    24th February 2023

    Attracting new talent across aviation and aerospace is undoubtedly a hot topic right now. COVID-19 really didn't help, but to be honest it's been a looming issue for some time now...

  • Oaklands Global delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with T3 Aviation Group

    30th January 2023

    Oaklands Global is delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with T3 Aviation Group, one of the leading business aviation services companies in Asia. With set goals and...

  • The Aviation Skills Crisis

    25th January 2023

    New year, new job – we’ve all heard it. A fleeting glance through any social media in January 2023 does show that the annual trend is continuing however, recruiters across the...

  • Are Industry-Specific Recruiters Important?

    12th August 2022

    There is little doubt that using a recruitment service can save time and resources but to ensure you get the most from your recruiters, it is vital that they have specialist...

  • Who are the "A Teams"?

    22nd July 2022

    2021 was a good year for mergers-and-acquisitions bankers. Dealmakers made more than $5.5 trillion of M&A globally in 2021. This total far exceeds the previous record, which was...

  • Causes of the 2022 Travel Crisis

    20th July 2022

    When the world came to a grinding halt in 2020, travel was one of the worst-hit industries, especially the aviation industry. Planes were grounded and people were forbidden to...

  • Delivering a robust, multi-disciplined sales team

    5th May 2022

    In 2021, RAS Completions was acquired by Jet MS (Part of the Aviation Solutions Group). 12 months later the business rebranded as Jet MS Completions.

  • The Benefits of Diversity in Aviation and Aerospace

    11th January 2022

    Diversity is a hot topic of conversation across every industry, though when it comes to the aviation and aerospace sector it seems as though the balance is universally one-sided.

  • Recruiting a New Chief Operating Officer

    13th October 2021

    As dedicated sector specialists in the Aviation, Aerospace & Space markets, the search team at Oaklands Global was able to leverage a diverse international network on behalf of...

  • Executive Search vs Contingency Recruitment

    20th July 2021

    Contingent recruitment consultancies tend to be engaged later in the process, often too late in fact, once roles have been signed off and recruitment finally moves temporarily to...

  • Always keep your CV alive!

    19th July 2021

    A CV needs to breathe. It needs to be current, relevant and appealing. Anybody in recruitment will tell you – keep it vibrant.

  • Oaklands Global Team

    30th June 2021

    This is our team of Aviation & Aerospace subject matter experts at Oaklands Global. We are currently working with a wide range of clients on an exclusive basis. With roles in a...

  • Covid will not define your career

    23rd June 2021

    There is no denying it has been a horrible year, most of us have lost family and friends, some have lost careers and livelihoods and it has taken a massive toll on the economy and...

  • IR35 faces Coronavirus delay

    30th March 2020

    2020 will go down in the history books as the year of Coronavirus. The virus which has claimed tens of thousands of lives (so far) has literally ground people, societies and...

  • How to survive working from home: 6 top tips.

    24th March 2020

    As we speak, more people than ever will have cut the commute and find themselves working remotely from home.

  • Expanding Offshore Helicopter Operator – Africa

    21st January 2020

    Our client is a well-established helicopter operator based in Africa that focuses predominantly on offshore operations, along with governmental and other services, to nations...

  • Asia’s largest low-cost airline – An Executive Search

    21st January 2020

    Set to be become the world’s first truly digital airline, our client are already Asia’s number one low cost carrier with aggressive expansion plans across the group in the APAC...

  • The Air Charter Association Podcast – Featuring Managing Director Will Finden

    15th January 2020

    Our Managing Director, William Finden, recently spoke to @theaircharter for Episode 11 of the #aircharterpodcast

  • Top 5 interview questions

    26th December 2019

    Every candidate that comes to Oaklands Global brings a different set of expectations to the interview.

  • Oaklands Global travels to the Middle East

    14th November 2019

    We spoke to our Chairman David Edwards about Oaklands Global’s work in the Middle East and his vision for growing the business in the region.

  • Are more women applying for jobs in the traditionally male dominated world of aviation?

    8th November 2019

    October 5th was International Girls in Aviation Day and the recruitment teams at Oaklands Global celebrated with pride as our network of high quality female candidates grows and...

  • How to hire and retain the best talent

    29th October 2019

    In a fast-paced recruitment market, established and entrepreneurial businesses are in a constant race to find the talent they need to continue leading the field or to scale...

  • Halloween interview strategies – trick or treat?

    29th October 2019

    As we gear up to the annual spook-fest, we scary recruiters are asking ourselves whether candidates should be harnessing the spirit of Halloween by wearing a mask to an interview...

  • The importance of making an offer quickly in a competitive market

    30th September 2019

    We live in a fast-paced world. Technology is advancing at a cracking rate, our natural world is evolving and society is developing and progressing around us. We are told that...

  • National Online Recruitment Awards

    13th September 2019

    We are absolutely delighted to have been nominated for consideration for the 19th annual National Online Recruitment Awards.

  • IRPAwards

    13th September 2019

    WOW. Two shortlists in one week. This time for the prestigious Institute Recruitment Professionals (IRP) 2019 Awards.

  • The perfect engineering CV.

    3rd September 2019

    A CV is a vitally important part of the jobseeker’s toolkit. It’s your opportunity to sell yourself, to showcase your skills and to show just what you can bring to the door of a...

  • How our everyday lives have been shaped by the aviation industry.

    19th August 2019

    Feats of engineering are all around us. We have incredible technology at our fingertips around the clock – and we barely even think about it anymore. The modern day way of life...

  • Reasons to choose a career in aviation.

    6th August 2019

    There is no denying that the aviation industry is exciting, diverse and full of vibrancy. It takes an army of people to transport and take care of the 4.1 billion passengers who...

  • The art of the perfect interview

    23rd July 2019

    Job interviews are an inevitable part of life. We all must go on them to launch, develop or reignite our careers no matter what level of seniority or sector you’re currently...

  • Flight Myths – Busted!

    21st July 2019

    From the ‘safest’ places to sit to seatbelt signs being used to control passengers, here’s the lowdown on the most popular flying myths.

  • The life of a trainee RAF pilot

    9th July 2019

    We caught up with a young RAF officer to talk about his desire to join the forces, how he found training and what lies in store for him next.

  • Addressing the lack of women in engineering by William Finden, Managing Director of Oaklands Global

    21st June 2019

    This Sunday marks International Women in Engineering Day. The aim of this occasion is to raise awareness about the chronic underrepresentation of women in engineering roles. It is...

  • The best airports in the world – according to Oaklands Global.

    22nd May 2019

    There are several surveys out there already which have looked at what makes an airport more than just a transport hub. They often consider factors such as size, passenger...

  • What’s life as a pilot really like? The things you always wanted to ask a pilot

    15th May 2019

    It’s easy to mythologise pilots; the job seems so glamorous. So unlike anything else.

  • Oaklands Global Shortlisted for Outstanding Business of the Year 2019

    10th May 2019

    Oaklands Global are delighted to have been shortlisted for this year’s Times 2019 Business Awards for Outstanding Business of the Year.

  • Oaklands Global Shortlisted for Best Business 1-25 Employers 2019

    10th May 2019

    Oaklands Global are delighted to have been shortlisted for this year’s Times 2019 Business Awards for the Best Business 1-25 Employers.

  • The logic behind departure times

    7th May 2019

    That early morning dash to the airport is the trademark of many a holiday. It’s also the signature lifestyle for those who work in aviation. For cabin crew or airport staff of any...

  • Flight hacks to make the most of your time in the air

    7th May 2019

    In the era of plane travel, we increasingly are likely to spend some time in an aircraft cabin for business or pleasure. In fact, UK residents spent £44.8 billion on trips abroad...

  • The weird and wonderful world of aviation.

    10th April 2019

    Eddie Rickenbacker wasn’t wrong when he said that ‘aviation is proof that given, the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible.’

  • Love is in the air: How to woo the crew this Valentine’s Day

    14th February 2019

    Eddie Rickenbacker wasn’t wrong when he said that ‘aviation is proof that given, the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible.’

  • A pilot talks about a life in the clouds

    12th February 2019

    The beauty with the aviation industry is how many roles it covers and how much opportunity people have to move around the sector and explore different paths. Take Louise* for...

  • Reflecting on a life in aviation – for work and pleasure!

    5th February 2019

    Adam Lewis lives and breathes aviation – he’s been an aircraft engineer since he left school, got his PPL licence at 21 and spends his spare time playing with powered model...

  • How do leaders tackle the growing mental health crisis?

    3rd February 2019

    For any business that works with self-employed contractors, April 2020 is a month that will see significant changes to working practices.

  • IR35 – Oaklands Global explores the impact of the new legislation

    3rd February 2019

    For any business that works with self-employed contractors, April 2020 is a month that will see significant changes to working practices.

  • Time off from takeoffs: How do pilots book their annual leave?

    29th January 2019

    After the recent issues Ryanair has faced over pilot shortages due to holiday allocation, it’s unsurprising that people are curious about how airline staff book their holidays.

  • Californiaviation: How Los Angeles made flight history and shaped air travel

    16th January 2019

    What comes to mind when you think of Los Angeles – and California in particular?

  • A Q&A with Richard, Pilot for Virgin Atlantic

    2nd January 2019

    Taking a short break out of the clouds, we spoke to Richard, Pilot for Virgin Atlantic, as he tells us about a typical day and how he made his way up in the aviation industry.

  • The day in the life of an aircraft bearings inspector

    30th August 2018

    We spoke to Jade Minty about her role as an aircraft engineer at GE Aviation Wales.

  • Oaklands Global Charity of the Year

    22nd August 2018

    Oaklands Global is proud to announce our chosen charity for 2018 is Fly2help.

  • Spooks on a plane: The scariest ever aviation stories

    27th October 2017

    Despite the fact that flying is still the, safest way to travel, there are plenty of nervous fliers out there.

  • China and Russia to strengthen aviation cooperation

    26th July 2017

    China and Russia have signed documents following a meeting on 21 July, comments the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

  • We are hiring!

    6th July 2017

    So why would you want join Oaklands Global as a trainee?

  • Oaklands Global Welcomes New Chairman

    7th February 2017

    Oaklands Global is delighted to announce the appointment of Dave Edwards as the new Chairman of its board.

  • Helitech 2016 Great Success

    11th January 2016

    The final day of Helitech 2016 was a great success. We had a superb show, meeting lots of new Companies and Industry Professionals.

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