Spooks on a plane: The scariest ever aviation stories

27th October 2017

Despite the fact that flying is still the safest way to travel, there are plenty of nervous fliers out there. That’s fair enough; rough turbulence, go-arounds and steep turns can make even the most laid-back travellers grab at their armrests.

It’s not just flying that can make passengers feel ill at ease. If you’ve ever had to spend the night at an airport, you’ll know how alarming it can be when a loud noise wakes you from your fitful sleep at 3am.

However, what about ghouls, ghosts, and things that go ‘bump’ inside the overhead storage?

As Halloween approaches, we’ve taken a look at some seriously spooky aviation stories. The next time you take your seat on a plane, ask yourself this – is that the air conditioning chilling the back of your neck, or something more sinister?

The shuffling spectres at Phuket International Airport

In July 2017, Bangkok Airways pilot Voravit Vejjajiva filmed footage of ‘ghostly passengers’ floating jerkily through a gangway towards the airport’s terminal. However, the suspended gangway wasn’t linked to a plane at the time – or to the airport building – which caused panic among people watching the eerie crowds on their way to nowhere.

Before you cancel your trip to Thailand, relax – the ‘ghosts’ were just travellers’ reflections from the brightly-lit airport which were mirrored in the glass windows of the gangway. Phew!

by William Finden

William Finden is the Founder and MD of Oaklands Global. He is a seasoned executive search and recruitment specialist with over 16 years of experience, dedicated to the international aviation & aerospace markets. William leads Oaklands Global’s C-Suite practice and has had a successful career delivering at the executive level for a diverse portfolio of clientele including Business Jet Operators, OEM’s, MRO’s, FBO’s Airlines and Rotary businesses. To learn more about how William can assist with your next career move or to discuss your next director level hire please contact him by email: william.finden@oaklandsglobal.com

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