Are Industry-Specific Recruiters Important?

12th August 2022

There is little doubt that using a recruitment service can save time and resources but to ensure you get the most from your recruiters, it is vital that they have specialist knowledge of your industry.

The Lay of the Land

What does a quantity surveyor do? Are there any similarities between a paralegal and a forklift driver? A general recruitment agency will undoubtedly try and convince you that they can find perfect candidates for all of these roles. While you may find you have a reasonable number of shortlisted CVs, unless they understand your industry, this is more luck than judgment, and the perfect person may never even make it across the threshold.

Vital Acronyms and Terms

If you understand an industry, you will instantly recognise the acronyms that are used as a shortcut. Be under no illusion that every sector has its own language and specialist terms, and without understanding what these mean and how they relate to candidate selection, there is little hope that recruiters are going to add value to your company. There is no malice behind their failure, but if neither you nor the recruitment agency understands the importance of knowing the sector, roles and structure, you are handing over money for second-rate service.

A Valuable Candidate Pool

By working with industry-specific recruiters, you will find that the quality of your candidate pool improves overnight. Instead of a mediocre shortlist selection of ‘might be ok’ quality candidates, you have a seriously impressive list of talent to work with. It means that not only do you have a selection of potential fits for your current role, but you are also making valuable connections for future vacancies, and if you are recruiting well, this could be sooner than you think!

Successful Growth

So, how does this relate to successful growth? You can probably see that for yourself, but here it is in case you missed it. The higher the quality of your staff, the more value you are adding to your business. This means that work gets done faster, to higher standards, and your customer base remains loyal and impressed. You can also start reaching for new business, and, of course, because you worked with a specialist recruiter, you already have access to that talent pool to find the perfect candidates for the new roles you are able to create.

The Takeaway

The bottom line is this. While there might be a perfectly adequate recruiter on your doorstep, unless they are familiar with and can evidence that they understand your industry, you should be casting your net wider. The Internet has opened the door to a myriad of industry professionals who understand your sector. A recruiter does not need to be geographically close to providing you with the best service. They need to have familiarity and proven experience in finding the best talent for your industry. If you find this, the chances of successful growth increase exponentially as your company will run with the best person in every role.

by William Finden

About the Author: William Finden is the Founder and MD of Oaklands Global. He is a seasoned executive search and recruitment specialist with over 16 years of experience, dedicated to the international aviation & aerospace markets. William leads Oaklands Global’s C-Suite practice and has had a successful career delivering at the executive level for a diverse portfolio of clientele including Business Jet Operators, OEM’s, MRO’s, FBO’s Airlines and Rotary businesses. To learn more about how William can assist with your next career move or to discuss your next director level hire please contact him by email: