5th December 2023

How is your business recruiting skilled talent in a candidate short market??

  1. Are you advertising and waiting for talent to knock? 🚪
  2. Perhaps allocating resource to engage with 'semi-active' talent using LinkedIn and other forms of social media? 🖥
  3. Or are you relying on your industry network and word of mouth to secure your businesses next hire?

What if I told you that these three tactics ONLY give you access to the TIP of the TALENT ICEBURG???? ❄

What if I told you that if you want to see what's under the surface you have to dig deep, very deep, deeper than job boards and LinkedIn...

According to LinkedIn (Who I reckon know a thing or two about talent and data) advised in their 2022 Hiring Statistics, that 70% of the global workforce is made up of passive talent who aren’t actively job searching. 📈

Personally, I think the aviation workforce is more likely 75%-80% passive right now BTW. 🙀

So the questions are, how exactly do you access the illusive passive candidate market? And, once you find the talent, how do you attract these unicorns to your business?

Firstly, you need to know your industry, your competitors and where to find the people in the first place. You need the time to research and map this target audience. 🗺

Then, you need the tech to be able to manage, monitor and engage with this talent 24/7. Oh and just so you know, approx. 80% will ignore your first few knocks and only the organised and persistent hunters will win a unicorn’s valuable time and attention. 🦄

Finally, you need to be able to accurately identify the candidates’ motivations and aspirations and make sure they are perfectly aligned to the opportunity, company and culture you have them in your sights for. Don't forget unicorns don't move horizontally. 💯

All sounds a fair bit of work, right? Especially since you are probably busy with day jobs, getting products or services out the door. Satisfying clients. Solving problems. Growing teams and divisions. 🙅‍♀️

Perhaps that's why according to Mintel’s UK Recruitment Market Report 2023 the UK recruitment market value reached £141.2 billion in 2022 💰

Specialist industry recruitment businesses exist to identify, nurture and vet the talent you want (Avoiding those you don't) but lack the time and resource to access yourself. 🔍

In a candidate short market. It is more important than ever that your process to identify and qualify the right person for your business is robust and silky smooth. Why risk missing out??? 🛩

If you would like to discuss how Oaklands Global Aviation Recruitment & Executive Search can support your 2024 hiring strategy or deliver any immediate key hires, please get in touch with us today.

We look forward to helping you grow!



by William Finden

About the Author: William Finden is the Founder and MD of Oaklands Global. He is a seasoned executive search and recruitment specialist with over 16 years of experience, dedicated to the international aviation & aerospace markets. William leads Oaklands Global’s C-Suite practice and has had a successful career delivering at the executive level for a diverse portfolio of clientele including Business Jet Operators, OEM’s, MRO’s, FBO’s Airlines and Rotary businesses. To learn more about how William can assist with your next career move or to discuss your next director level hire please contact him by email: william.finden@oaklandsglobal.com