Head of Office of Airworthiness

Key Information


€80,000 - €120,000


Chris Hutchins

Oaklands Global are currently recruiting a Head of Office of Airworthiness, the function which demonstrates that the products comply with the applicable airworthiness and environmental requirements and for verifying the satisfactory completion of the product design.

The Head of Office of Airworthiness COA will be accredited via issue of a Form 4 to be accepted by EASA.

Key Responsibilities

  • Liaison between the design organisation and the Agency with respect to all aspects of the certification program.
  • Controlling and ensuring the preparation and update of the Design Organisation Handbook as described in chapter 0.3 of this DOH [21.A.243].
  • Define, perform and co-ordinate the relevant certification process in close co-operation with the Authority.
  • Confirmation of the completion of the process of showing compliance:
    to the HDO and
    to the competent authority
  • Monitoring, that the applicable airworthiness requirements are met and the changes and modifications which are in process and keeps the EASA Project Certification Manager (PCM) informed through regular reports or ad-hoc consultation depending on actual needs.
  • Definition and issuance of guidelines for the establishment of compliance documents.
  • Co-operation with the competent authority in developing procedures to be used for the type certification process. (Conferences or meetings take place if required by either party)
  • Issuing of guidelines for documenting compliance.
  • Co-operation in issuing guidelines for the preparation of the manuals required by the applicable implementing rules, Service Bulletins, drawings, specifications, and standards.
  • Ensuring procurement and distribution of applicable airworthiness and environmental requirements and other specifications.
  • Co-operating with the Agency in proposing the type certification basis including Special Conditions if applicable.
  • Interpretation of CS and environmental protection requirements and requesting decisions of the Agency in case of doubt. (Conferences or meetings will take place if required by either party)
  • Advising of all departments of the design organisation in all questions regarding airworthiness, operational suitability, environmental protection requirements and certification.
  • Preparation of the certification program and coordination of all tasks related to Type Investigation in concurrence with the Agency. (Conferences or meetings take place if required by either party)
  • Regular reporting to the Agency about Type Investigation progress and announcement of scheduled tests in due time.

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